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Kidney Disease Diet For Dialysis and Your Loved Ones

by IRA on JANUARY 31, 2013

When my nephrologist told me that I have impaired kidneys, I tried hard to control myself. I thought of my dad who underwent kidney hemodialysis. Instantly, I had a million questions. I am only 28 years old, how many years will I have left if I have kidney disease? I do not have any kidney disease symptoms or signs of renal insufficiency. Is there a kidney disease solution? How will this affect my family?

Having impaired kidney function or chronic kidney disease does not only affect the person who has it but it also affects his loved ones, in many ways. It has a physical, emotional and financial impact on the whole family.

Physical Impact

Kidney disease takes a toll on the family physically. My mother and mother in law took care of their husbands full time. My mother in law even resigned from her job as a teacher because my father in law had to go to the hospital three times a week or more for treatment of kidney disease. A dialysis session could last 4-5 hours and his schedule could be as early as 6 in the morning to late at night. In my father’s case, more time is sometimes required as he went to a government nephrology hospital and there are a lot of kidney patients on queue. You can imagine the time and effort required to take them to and from the hospital. Everyone in the family has to coordinate their schedules to fit the dialysis treatments. There is also a proper kidney disease diet to be followed which in a way influences how the whole family should eat. But with proper time management and support, kidney treatments and living a life with kidney disease can run smoothly and stress free (or lesser stress at least).

Emotional Experienced

Having a member of the family with end-stage kidney disease was as an emotional rollercoaster ride for all of us. We went through the various stages from denial, to crying modes and finally acceptance. With proper awareness of the nature of kidney insufficiency and the possibility to restore kidney function or cure kidney disease with this book, we now look forward to a better future.

Financial Impact

It is undeniable that having a kidney disease from kidney stones to chronic renal disease is expensive. You are fortunate if your health care provider covers nephrology treatments. My husband (boyfriend back then) and I decided to move to a metropolitan city to look for better paying jobs and earn enough to pay for our parents’ treatments for kidney problems. However, as they say, there is always a reason for everything. Having both fathers undergoing dialysis is probably a sign from the heavens that we are meant for each other! We found good paying jobs, got married, found great friends and started our new family in this new city away from home.

My Personal Experienced for YOU

One thing I learned, the most effective and practical way to heal your kidney is to heal your lifestyle. Kidney disease diet for dialysis or even just early stages of kidney to avoid dialysis will definitely help. My recommendation to you if you have money is to buy Kidney Disease Solution as my first choice. My Family uses this personally as a cure and prevention. I know there are other books out there. Whatever kidney disease diet you feel works for you go ahead. Just one note other books just provide protein diet. Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano includes natural herb and tea that works well also for kidneys. Check out my personal Kidney Disease Solution Review here.