Multiple coyote sightings puts quiet Danville neighborhood on edge

DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — People in Danville are concerned after multiple coyote sightings throughout the town.

People there say it’s becoming a daily occurrence.

They are just heartbroken.

The dog was a part of their family. They say they’ve been told to make a lot of noise to scare the coyotes away, but that these coyotes aren’t afraid and have become comfortable around humans.

“It was just terrible to watch that video.”

A coyote terrorizing a quiet neighborhood in Danville.

Razeena Shah says she lives with her family in the El Pintado Road Loop and she says they see coyotes often.

“It’s on a regular basis. It’s not just once in awhile,” Shah said. “It’s on the daily that we will hear them howl or we’ll see them.”

Shah believes there’s multiple coyotes.

She put a double fence in her backyard to keep everyone safe.

Last week she let her dog out. When they went to let him back in, they couldn’t find him.

So they decided to check the security video to see if they could find out what happened.

“I just see that part of the video where he just gets snatched and we looked from another camera view and he actually came face to face.”

She says they fear that their dog was killed by the coyote.

“It was just so heartbreaking because I literally thought the coyote may have took him and dropped him somewhere but we looked in the neighborhood,” she said. “We could not find anything. so we’re pretty sure the coyote ate him.”

She says they coyotes even came back to their home.

“After he was taken, even for days, the coyotes would stand by my spa and wait for us to open our kitchen door thinking we had more dogs for it to feed off of.”

Now she says she’s concerned about what could happen next.

“They’re not worried and they’re not afraid of anyone and my biggest concern is they’re going to start attacking children.”

The woman said she does not want the coyotes killed, she just hopes they can be relocated to a different area so she can feel safer letting her kids and pets play outside.

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