Community remembers San Bruno pipeline explosion 11 years later

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KRON) — Thursday marks 11 years since a terrible event that happened in the Bay Area — the San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Eight people were killed and many more injured. In total, 38 homes were destroyed.

Inside the Earl Glenview Park. 11 years ago today there were three homes here but they were completely destroyed when the pipeline exploded, along with dozens of others. 

A plaque stands to commemorate the day and honor the eight people who were killed in that blast.

On Thursday, driving down Glenview Drive, it’s now hard to see the evidence of the horrific explosion that engulfed the neighborhood.

It was so massive that at first it was believed to be the result of a plane crash.

One longtime resident in the area said he was home that evening.

The inferno was unleashed by the explosion of a 30-inch natural gas pipeline.

And in addition to killing eight people, the resulting damage to the neighborhood was akin to a bomb going off — completely leveling some streets destroying 38 homes.

Phil Piserchio’s house survived the blast and has made peace with the past.

Neighbor Sharon Blum brought a bouquet of flowers to honor the victims. She knew many of them.

On Thursday, PG&E released a statement that says, in part:

“The events of this day transformed our gas operations organization and we remain committed to doing everything possible to prevent something like this from ever happening again.”

The trauma of that day still lingers for some.

One man who was forced to flee said he didn’t want to go on camera because he said he didn’t want to bring up painful memories of what he saw that day.

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