Video: Man injured in Oakland hit-and-run believes driver tried to kill him

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – The victim of a hit-and-run collision in Oakland on Sunday believes the man behind the wheel was trying to kill him with his car.

Police say they are confident they will be able to find and arrest the driver because a quick-thinking witness was able to capture part of the chilling encounter on camera.

You can see the suspect’s four-door silver Chevy volt in the distance behind the trees speed back up on Girvin Drive, narrowly missing the people on the road.

Neighbors call out if asking they got the suspect’s license plate, then the car comes back in the other direction and the bystanders yell again with a warning.

“He’s coming back, he’s coming back careful.”

Joseph Lax is the man who was hit and says the neighbors head’s up likely saved his life.

“I had my back turned initially and he would’ve nailed me going like 40 so I got it for my car just like a split-second and he actually made like a 90 degree turn around my car and still hit me, clipped me on the side, I did a full 360 and landed right on my butt and I have a fractured tailbone,” Lax said.

Lax and his girlfriend Allyson Amaral say the act of road rage was sparked around 6 p.m. Sunday. 

They were driving her sister home along the narrow winding road and got into an argument with the driver of the Volt after a near collision when the suspect came speeding around a blind turn.

“He just starts going crazy, yelling at us, saying he’s going to kill us and he’s going to kill my girlfriend kill her sister,” Lax said.

Lax drove away from the encounter but says the driver followed them bumped him with the car once before driving back up and down the road multiple times before finally hitting him and then driving off.

“He almost hit her, her sister again was steps away from getting killed,” Lax said.

“Definitely was trying to kill us like it was over something so small like he was the one speeding and then for some reason, he thought we were the ones speeding and I think that’s kind of like what scared us the most is how quickly it escalated and how quickly he blew up and play really like what was going through your mind that you thought it was a good idea just to like try to run us over,” Amaral said.

Police and crime stoppers are offering a $7,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

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