Metro Transit to offer $1 bus and rail fares in September, October

As some Twin Cities workers return to the office in coming months, Metro Transit wants to get them there for a dollar.

The agency is offering this promotional fare during the months of September and October, hoping to entice riders who stopped taking its buses and trains when the COVID-19 pandemic began, Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla said.

“This is a chance for us to reintroduce ourselves to folks who haven’t ridden with us for a while,” Padilla said. “We’re ready when you’re ready.”

Padilla added that while the recent surge in cases caused by the delta variant of the coronavirus has prompted many employers to put off their return to the office, some are moving forward.

Masks are still required on public transportation, and Metro Transit regularly cleans its buses and trains, Padilla said.

Metro Transit usually charges local bus and light rail passengers $2 during off-peak hours and $2.50 during rush hour, while express bus passengers pay $2.50 during off-peak hours and $3.25 during rush hour. The $1 promotional rate applies to all of these.

Passengers who are eligible for Metro Transit’s reduced fare rates — children ages 6-12, adults aged 65 and older and Medicare card holders — will pay 50 cents.

Although ridership has increased since the early days of the pandemic, it remains between 40 and 45 percent of prepandemic levels, according to Padilla. Metro Transit provided 78 million rides in 2019.

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