San Francisco considers mask mandate

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — “We anticipate if we do nothing and continue down this path we can be assure at least 300 people will die within a short time period.”

A dire prediction from San Francisco Mayor London Breed about the need to protect city residents from the COVID-19 Delta variant. That’s why city leaders are now considering requiring everyone vaccinated or not wear masks indoors. 

“Yes, we are looking at mask mandates for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, yes we are looking at mandatory for vaccines for folks who are not just necessarily city employees,” Breed said. “We are looking at those with the city attorneys office now, as soon as we have details on what we are able to do we will do them.”

If mandated San Francisco would join less than a handful of other California counties which have turned a federal and state masking recommendation into a requirement. 

sot laurie thomas/executive director, golden gate restaurant assoc. 1:01 

“I think it’s unfortunate we have to move back to masking but looking at the numbers and how aggressive the Delta variant is in terms of transmission capability we are very supportive of that,” Laurie Thomas said.

Thomas is executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. She says survey of its members last week found 66% of those responding supportive of an indoor mask mandate, despite the fact that many restaurants are just now getting back up on their feet.   

“We want to keep our restaurants open we want to keep at the capacity levels we are and if this can help cut back the surge, we are supportive of it,” she said.

There’s no word as to when the city will make a decision on a mask mandate, but probably good to keep one of these with you just in case it happens.

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