Infiniti QX55 on cutting edge

Sport-back, sport utility coupe or fastback, the market for coupe-like SUVs atop manufacturers’ minds these days. As consumers are looking for something unlike their neighbors’ typical daily driver, Infiniti has done some familiar searching in their lineup with some new alterations.

The 2022 Infiniti QX55, the sport-back, fastback sits on the same frame as last year’s model, the QX50, a front-wheel-drive small SUV that can also come with all-wheel drive. Although the QX55 is exceptionally similar to its brother, the QX50, it is slightly more comfortable with similar space as the QX50. Its coupe-like fastback, as I like to call it, is what makes it slightly smaller in storage space, but for a small SUV, it is still nicely sized.

For drive modes, we recognize five total modes, three of which we used. Sport mode was ultra peppy as I am very impressed with how it gets up and goes, but with some cabin noise. Standard and Eco modes seem to have powertrain lag, which is appropriate for the QX55 as it really got great gas mileage on my 500-mile weeklong test.

In the powertrain department, we noticed our not so favorite continuously variable transmission, which seems to be getting better for Nissan Motor Co. and its subsidiaries, as the shifting was quieter than in the past, but the cabin noise still seemed present. The four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine produced 268 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque which was plenty for the small SUV. I wish there was another transmission option for the QX55, as I feel the largest hurdle is the CVT, but giving credit where credit is due, Nissan is making strides in continuing its development toward perfecting it, which is easily noticeable.

We noticed a Bose 16-speaker performance audio system, Navigation on Dual HD Display and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Styling and price is what is going to drive consumer sales for Infiniti. They are luscious inside and very comfortable while producing modern styling in today’s vast array of options. Safety and technology also seem to be atop of the Infiniti list as it continues to keep up with rivals like Lexus and Acura with top-notch standard features that consumers rave about.

Our Slate Gray, Sensory AWD QX55 had an overall comfortable ride. It was smooth and energetic in Sport mode. For a coupe style, fastback SUV, keeping up with BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche is not always easy, but for Infiniti, it’s all about the price point, which keeps it afloat as it shakes up the market and the QX55 is just the vehicle to do it with.


Infiniti QX55

MSRP: $57,050

As tested: $58,770

MPG: 22 city, 28 highway, 26.1 as tested

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