Second state stimulus: See if you’re eligible

LOS ANGELES (KRON) – Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new stimulus plan that would put cash in the hands of two-thirds of Californians.

In the “largest state rebate in American history,” the $100 billion plan includes $12 billion for qualifying residents, as well as $4 billion for small businesses, $5.2 billion in rent relief and $2 billion for overdue utility bills.

For families who earn up to $75,000, the $12 billion rebate includes:

  • $600 payments to all taxpayers who did not receive a first payment.
  • Additional $500 in payments to families with dependents.
  • Additional $500 in payments to undocumented families.

“California is roaring back from this pandemic because we have your back,” said Newsom. “It’s in that spirit that we’ve used California’s historic surplus to make historic investments. In partnership with the Legislature, we’re providing direct relief to struggling families and money into the pockets of small business owners across the state. Your incredible resilience and perseverance have brought our state to this moment, and California is committed to making you the foundation of our recovery.”

California previously approved a $600 and $1,200 stimulus payment for qualified residents back in February. Checks went out in April.

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