Looking Glass: Look, I didn’t do this or maybe I did … Arizona man can’t fool the police

Police used surveillance videos and phone records to determine the location of a 40-year-old man who used fireworks to blow up five mailboxes in Mesa and Gilbert, Ariz. Under police questioning, he first denied blowing up any mailboxes, but then made incriminating statements about blowing up mailboxes, stopping and correcting himself as he spoke. This aroused the suspicion of officers and led to his arrest.

WHY WAS I NOT INVITED!? A woman crashed the funeral of her ex-boyfriend, driving 50 mph through the cemetery in Fargo City, N.D., and attempting to run over the woman who was the man’s girlfriend at the time of his death. The funeral-crasher had been told to keep away because she had posted harassing messages on social media after her ex died of complications from surgery.

IS THAT A NEW DOORDASH UNIFORM? A police officer, who arrested a DoorDash food delivery driver in Jonesboro, Ark., on an outstanding warrant, took it upon himself to deliver the food to the intended recipient. She was very grateful.

CRIME REALLY IS BAD HERE — FILM AT 11: Two armed thugs tried to rob a camera crew and the head of violence prevention they were interviewing on the street in Oakland, Calif., concerning the exploding crime rate in the city. A security officer with the news crew pulled out his own firearm and commanded the would-be robbers to leave.

THEY STARTED PICKING FIGHTS WITH EACH OTHER: Three farmers were making illegal liquor in the western state of Gujarat, India, and hid the moonshine in a water trough. But some of the bottles broke, causing their water buffaloes to get extremely intoxicated when they drank from it. The jig was up when one of the men called a veterinarian after the animals starting to act strangely.

THIS WON’T LOOK GOOD AT YOUR NEXT PAROLE HEARING: A man, who is out on parole, robbed three banks in Gates, N.Y., within 48 hours.

WHILE YOU’RE HERE, WHY DON’T YOU SIGN UP? A man, who was attempting to parallel park, backed up onto the curb and crashed through the front of a driving school on Main Street in Asbury Park, N.J. The driver was issued a summons careless driving.

NOW TO JUST BLEND IN WITH THE PEDESTRIANS … KA-BOOM! A man robbed a bank in Newark, N.J., but the teller, who handed over $2,300, also slipped him a red dye pack which blew up in his backpack shortly after he left the building. The explosion was caught on surveillance video, and he was turned in by someone who saw it and apparently knew the guy.

YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, OFFICER! A 61-year-old woman was ordered not to drive her tractor in the Rockwall, Texas, Fourth of July parade because she caused a “disturbance in the staging area.” But she did it anyway, causing police, in vehicles and on foot, to chase her down due to the “dangerous way she was operating her tractor.” She was charged with evading arrest, interference with a processional, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

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