Looking Glass: You say I’m imagining things, but they seem pretty real to me; Wyoming man finally gets arrested like he wanted

A 62-year-old man who was high on drugs called the sheriff’s office in Gillette, Wyo., to ask why officers had not arrested him after deputies raided his house the previous day. But in fact, nobody had raided the man’s house. He had only imagined it. He also said that 10 young men were following him. This also was not true. Officers attributed his thinking to the fact that he had used methamphetamine a day and a half earlier and was still high. After the call, a deputy spotted the guy driving and arrested him.

BUT WE’RE NOT LETTING YOU GO: A fugitive hiding in Mexico gave a phony name to Mexican officers who had come to arrest him and send him back to Florida. Unfortunately, the man whose name he gave them is also a fugitive who has been on the run for the past 14 years and was wanted on a DUI manslaughter charge. The man they actually arrested is wanted in Arkansas and Missouri.

YOU DIDN’T THINK I’D FORGET, DID YOU? A man, who was apparently upset at last year’s late-night fireworks display in his Cape Coral, Fla., neighborhood, made his displeasure known a year later by pretending to be a firework, screaming, “Boom, boom, boom. Firecracker,” at three o’clock in the morning. This woke up residents, one of whom came out and told him to “shut up.”

OUT OF MY WAY! COMIN’ THROUGH! A woman drove her car into wet concrete on a blocked-off area of roadway in Fort Dodge, Iowa, after disregarding road signs, going right around construction barriers and ignoring workers who tried to stop her.

OK, YOU HAPPY NOW!? A man facing a theft charge in York County, Maine, used counterfeit money to post bail. Officials arrested him again after they discovered that the two $100 bills he gave them were fake. He later posted bail using authentic U.S. currency.

OH, NOW HE’LL TAKE YOU BACK, LADY: After her boyfriend broke up with her and refused to get back together, a woman in Bangkok went to his workplace and set fire to the motorcycle she had given him as a gift.

I GUESS YOU DON’T REMEMBER ME, PAL: A man who was impersonating a police officer pulled over a driver who turned out to be an off-duty sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana’s Assumption Parish. To make matters worse for the impersonator, the deputy knew he wasn’t a cop, because he recognized him from a domestic violence call he had responded to earlier this year in Pierre Part.

CRIME REALLY IS BAD HERE; FILM AT 11: Two armed thugs tried to rob a camera crew and the head of violence prevention they were interviewing on the street in Oakland, Calif., concerning the exploding crime rate in the city. A security officer with the news crew pulled out his own firearm and commanded the would-be robbers to leave.

YOUR NEXT PAROLE HEARING SHOULD BE INTERESTING: A man who is out on parole robbed three banks in Gates, N.Y., within 48 hours.

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