Grasso’s Garage: It’s all about the CDE: Cadillac Diesel Escalade

Move over CDC …

Lately, all you hear about is the CDC and its continued efforts to open the country, but in Grasso’s Garage, it’s all about the CDE. That is of the Cadillac Diesel Escalade, a behemoth on the road and a whisper in the streets.

For the 2021 model, a 3.0-liter Turbo Diesel is available for no extra charge!

This is absolutely huge news for Cadillac and parent company General Motors as it attempts to compete in the American luxury market.

When it comes to vehicles and statistics, there is only one source in the business and that is We reached out to Executive Analyst Karl Brauer, who had nothing but good things to say.

“There’s an interesting contradiction within the Cadillac Escalade diesel. On one hand it offers Super Cruise, among the most advanced driver-assist technologies you can currently buy. On the other, it’s powered by a diesel, which many consumers see as a dirty, old-school engine choice. But the reality is that today’s diesels face the toughest emissions standards ever devised, requiring almost as much technical wizardry as hands-free driving to be legally sold in the U.S. They’re clean, quiet, powerful and highly fuel efficient, making this ‘old school’ engine the enlightened choice for Escalade buyers,” Brauer said.

Additionally, in a recent study, iSeeCars noted that in the first quarter of 2021, the Escalade was the seventh overall fastest-selling new car, with an average of 20.2 days on the lot. Do you catch my drift? This is one hot vehicle.

On the interior, we have never witnessed so many great things. With an unbelievably perfect 16.9 inch OLED infotainment system with an embedded 14.2 inch OLED instrument cluster and a 7.2 inch OLED control panel, Cadillac is on top of its game with the Escalade. Our four-wheel drive Premium Luxury Dark Moon Blue Metallic came with night vision and rear seat entertainment, but most importantly, a 36 speaker AKG studio reference surround sound system that was breathtaking. Did I mention Super Cruise? The leading autonomous driving system on the market today; it’s awesome and it tops Volvo’s current setup as Cadillac continues to strive for excellence in the luxury market.

Turn on Fleetwood Mac, turn the volume up using your center console instrument panel and imagine you are in the front row, because AKG has hands down produced a winner. With a brandy interior with dark accented wood panels and speakers in your headrests, the Escalade Premium Luxury is serious.

Riding on 22” 14-spoke polished wheels, the ride was outstanding, not too top-heavy for the almost 5,900 lb., seven-seat SUV.

I have to say, Cadillac has been off its game in recent years, as it was just an upscale GM product. But with the recent redesign and implementation of tremendous luxury standard options and front fascia enhancements, I am truly impressed with the Escalade and its exceptional display of luxury affection to today’s consumer market. Way to go Cadi!


Cadillac Diesel Escalade

MSRP: $85,995

As tested: $108,810

MPG: 20 city, 26 highway, 25.0 as tested


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