First winner of California’s ‘Vax for the Win’ lottery publicly comes forward

SACRAMENTO (KRON) – A lucky Californian named Tony is the first person to publicly come forward and claim a $50,000 prize as part of the state’s ‘Vax for the Win’ lottery.

“It’s been a rough year, a year and a half, for me and everyone else out there,” Tony said. “So it’s nice to have this extra money come in.”

In the video Tony encourages everyone to get the shot so we can “…get back to normal.”

The first drawing for $50,000 occurred on June 5, with 13 of the 15 winners already coming forward. People from San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, Los Angeles, San Diego, Mendocino, Orange and San Luis Obispo Counties won the first drawing.

The second drawing, where another 15 Californians will be awarded $50,000, is tomorrow.

10 lucky Californians will also win $1.5 million each on June 15 when the state will draw for the grand prizes.

The program is also giving $50 gift cards to the first two million people to get vaccinated since May 27 to encourage late comers who may be on the fence about getting the shot.

Californians are automatically enrolled in the drawings after receiving their first vaccination shot and will be alerted through official “State of CA CDPH” caller ID, text, CDPH email address, or in person by CDPH district staff if they win.

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