Is there a chance we’ll go into lockdown again?

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The number of COVID cases across California has continued to stay low, but with the June 15th reopening approaching, should we anticipate seeing those numbers tick up?

Infectious disease expert Monica Gandhi is optimistic about the reopening.

“I would say look forward to it. I know it feels really nerve-wrecking that we’re at this point but vaccines have gotten us here and it’s going to go well.”

She says while the precautions have been helpful–the vaccines are ultimately making the biggest difference.

“We’re at about a 68% first dose. That’s literally getting to the 68% magic first dose that President Biden has been talking about which I actually think is a very true metric of when cases say extremely low.”

She says there might be a slight increase in cases, but it shouldn’t cause too much concern.

“Sometimes there’s increase in cases and not any severe illness, what I mean by that is not any increased hospitalizations.”

KRON4 asked Dr. Gandhi if she thinks there’s another chance of a shutdown.

“I don’t, and the reason I don’t is anytime we’ve had a surge before that was because we didn’t have the vaccine. And the difference between now and then is really immunity. immunity is like a forcefield.”

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