Oakland woman escorted out of hotel pool after allegedly complaining about women kissing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — An Oakland woman was escorted out of a popular Sacramento hotel pool after allegedly asking a female couple to stop kissing in front of children.

The incident was caught on now-viral video.

The woman and a group of at least five others were escorted out of the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel by security.

As the group was leaving, a crowd started repeatedly shouting “Shame!” at them.

A lady in a blue dress walked over to address the crowd, who was still in the pool. She got close to the person recording and put her middle finger up to the camera, shouting “F**k off!” before walking away.

Another woman, only identified as “Deb” from her Starbucks cup, stopped and confronted the group for a while longer.

“Do you guys have any children? Because you’d be a f**king terrible dad,” she said. “What is wrong with you? I have never many anybody like you guys.”

All this while the crowd continued to yell “Shame!” at the woman, who said she’s from New Jersey but lives in Oakland.

“I have never been more embarrassed in my life for the human race,” she said. “I’m a Jewish woman from New Jersey. You’re a disgusting piece of s**t. You’re a piece of f**king s**t.”

Someone outside of the frame then yelled at her, “You’re suburban! You’re suburban!”

“I live in Oakland you f**king a**hole,” she replied. “You’re a loser and a f**king loser of the world.”

The woman and a man with her then walked away as the crowd continued to chant “Shame!”

The general manager of the hotel released the following statement.

The Sawyer does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind. An unfortunate disagreement between guests occurred at our pool over the holiday weekend and the matter has since been resolved.

 Nikki Carlson, General Manager at the Sawyer

The video was originally posted by Artkaligos on Instagram and has gained more than 131,000 views and almost 800 comments.

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