Caught on camera: Thieves steal truck in San Jose in broad daylight

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Video captured two thieves on home surveillance cameras stealing a truck in south San Jose — in broad daylight.

The victim says it was his work truck and nearly $12,000 worth of materials were taken, along with the vehicle.

This theft is the latest of many — according to San Jose police, car burglaries are up nearly 50% since the beginning of the year.

The thieves stole the truck from the neighborhood on El Dori Drive in San Jose. The victim says it happened so fast that he believes this wasn’t the first time for the suspects and they probably used a master key or special tool.

“I saw that they were fast! they were pretty quick. It was brazen,” Johnny Reyes said. “It was right before seven, about 6:43 in the morning so they knew what they were doing.”

Reyes says two thieves, seen on this home surveillance video, stole his work truck parked right outside of his family’s home on El Dori Drive in south San Jose early Friday morning.  

“I think they were watching it,” Reyes said. “They saw my truck and they figured there was work equipment in there and they wanted to take it so they took it.”

Reyes is a painting contractor and had some of his tools loaded up in the truck, preparing for a job the next day.

“I had a couple spray rigs in the back. I had a couple ladders. I had all my tools. I had my sanding equipment,” he said. “Estimated it’s anywhere from $10-$12,000 that was taken.”

When reviewing other surveillance cameras from the neighborhood, Reyes says the female suspect blocked her plates but was driving a silver older model Honda with damage on the right rear of the car.

Meanwhile the male suspect appeared to be wearing a bright work vest at the time.

Now Reyes is warning others that the pair may be driving around looking for specific types of cars.

“I think there was probably a master key, something they used before,” he said. “They spent a little time at the door but once he got in the door he was fast so I don’t know if it was a master key but they knew what they were doing.”

If you recognize those two suspects or have any information, contact the police.

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