East Bay cities prepare for possible looting Wednesday night

East Bay cities prepare for possible looting Wednesday night

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — Reports of possible looting have East Bay agencies on high alert Wednesday night.

The San Leandro Police Department received multiple reports of planned looting at Bayfair Center.

The City of San Leandro is considering enacting a curfew that would go into effect Wednesday night. Officials advise residents to prepare to shelter-in-place.

The curfew will not impact emergency services, healthcare facilities, or people traveling to and from work.

San Leandro police are brining in additional officers to patrol the area, and will have a heavy presence at Bayfair Center.

“The City of San Leandro and the San Leandro Police Department respects the rights of people to peacefully protest, but the information we have is that criminal activity is being planned,” a statement on the city’s website reads, in part. “We are not taking this matter lightly and are preparing for it.”

The mayor and city council are asking the community to stay alert, stay home and stay safe.

Officials are advising business and property owners to safeguard their properties and employees.

City officials say they will release more information when possible.

Neighboring police departments are also aware of the possible looting.

The City of Emeryville is aware of possible protests and looting that could occur Wednesday.

East Bay cities prepare for possible looting Wednesday night

The City of Oakland also released a statement Wednesday evening in response to the reports.

“Today, the Oakland Police Department received information from our law enforcement partners regarding planned looting in neighboring cities. This information is being shared to keep our community members aware and safe from any possible danger in their neighborhoods. At this time, there is no information about these events coming to Oakland. However, if you see something that appears suspicious or observe criminal activity, please call 911.”

Check back for updates.

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