Suspect charged for Pittsburg DUI crash that killed two, including 7-year-old

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KRON) – 24-year-old Christian Vargas has been charged with multiple felonies after allegedly causing a crash in Pittsburg while drunk, killing two and injuring four more on Monday.

Romero Castro was driving home at around 6 p.m. on West Leland Road with his girlfriend’s three children when Vargas’ Chevy Camero rammed Castro’s Toyota Corolla from behind, sending the Corolla through several trees and ejecting the young children. Castro and one of the girls, 7-year-old Sela, died. 4-year-old Niko and 2-year-old Julian are recovering in hospital with serious conditions.

Two passengers in Vargas’ car, one of them just 10-years-old, are also in the hospital with serious injuries.

Vargas, who was on probation for a prior DUI conviction, was uninjured and arrested at the scene. A bottle of alcohol found in his vehicle.

Vargas was charged on Thursday with two counts of murder, driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury within 10 years of another DUI offense and driving with a .08% blood alcohol content causing injury within 10 years of another DUI offense.

“I have been working for Pittsburg for 16-years. In the accidents that I have seen this has been absolutely the most devastating that I have witnessed personally,” Lt. William Hatcher said. “The car seat was ejected with the child in the car seat when it landed at this point in the investigation it is too preliminary to determine who was wearing seat belts. Fire and AMS shortly arrived and the three children who were seriously injured were transported by helicopters to local trauma centers.”

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