Games Inbox: Bloodborne PS5 remaster, Days Gone 2 apathy, and Outriders launch dismay

Games Inbox: Bloodborne PS5 remaster, Days Gone 2 apathy, and Outriders launch dismay
Games Inbox: Bloodborne PS5 remaster, Days Gone 2 apathy, and Outriders launch dismay
Bloodborne – is it getting the treatment it deserves? (pic: Sony)

The Wednesday Inbox considers the unlikely success of Fortnite and Epic Games, as one reader makes some Switch Pro game predictions.

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Bloodborne transfusion
I know that many here are big fans of Bloodborne, including GC, and like many I’m disappointed it hasn’t got much of a boost from being on PlayStation 5, even compared to other PlayStation 4 games. That alone is a hint that some kind of remaster or remake is coming, even if Sony has scared off the Japan Studio producers that worked on the original.

But despite all the rumours of it coming to PlayStation 5 and PC there doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence and definitely no announcement from Sony. There’s been a bit of a dogpile on them recently, but I have to say I don’t think it’s unjustified. We always say it comes down to the games, the question of which console to pick, but with Bloodborne, as an example, Sony has one of the best games ever made and what are they doing with it? Making the people that developed it redundant and refusing to update it for their new console.

Say what you will but Microsoft would not have treated the game like that if it was theirs. It’s not theirs though, it’s the sort of game that only Sony would make and that’s what’s most infuriating. Sony are much better at making games and probably always will be, but they are getting high on their own fumes and when they finally get a grip on themselves I think they might find out that they’ve been outmanoeuvred – and surprisingly easily from Microsoft’s point of view.

Loose cannon
Fortnite is pretty crazy when you think about it. All those different franchises, including arch enemies like Marvel and DC, PlayStation and Xbox, and yet it’s all just another day for Fortnite. And this is it after it’s supposedly peaked in popularity! I don’t play it myself, and don’t know anyone that does, but my understanding is it’s popular with kids and casual gamers, so I wouldn’t really.

Even though I don’t play it I find the constant stream of unlikely cameos fascinating, but it is slightly worrying knowing Epic have so much money. I don’t know why Sony are giving them money, Epic could end up buying Sony at this rate! I’m half serious too given that Epic has already gone after Steam, albeit it in a weird money-wasting kind of a way.

To me they’re beginning to feel like a bit of a loose cannon, someone with too much money and not enough… I won’t sense but certainly self-control. As long as it doesn’t affect my side of the hobby I don’t care what they do but I have a feeling if they did decide to flex their muscles change could come very quickly.

Pro audience
I love the idea of Nintendo making a push for new IP even if I find it hard to believe. Considering how rarely the big boss speaks out though you’ve go to assume he wasn’t just saying the first thing that came to mind. Obviously it’s impossible to guess what the new games will be but we can at least speculate at what kind of games they’ll be. Will they be family friendly fare like Mario and Kirby or something pitched a little older, like Splatoon and Metroid?

I’m going to predict it’s going to be the older stuff, simply because these games are going to be coming out, and probably announced alongside, the Switch Pro. The Switch Pro is going to be expensive and things like 4K are aimed at hardcore gamers so I’m going to guess that the games will be too. Not all of them, and Zelda will still be the main one, but I think it makes sense to try and match your audience in terms of hardware and software.

E3 might not be a physical thing this year but I have the hope that Microsoft and Nintendo alone will make it a worthwhile. Mind you, we’ve all said that about E3s in the past and been disappointed so I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see.

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Company thoughts
I didn’t realise the PlayStation 5 hadn’t had an update before. You’re right that is impressive, in terms of nothing being needed to patch in a hurry after launch, and I don’t think we should try and take that away from Sony. They had a successful launch in the middle of a pandemic with a line-up of games better than most other consoles that have no excuses for not doing better.

On the other hand I also agree that Sony’s silence since then, as they make mistakes and Microsoft manages to portray themselves as an increasingly reasonable alternative. The PlayStation Blog reveal of the update didn’t have anything to say about anything other than USB devices and whatever and as usual it was all delivered as if it was a robot talking, with no hint of personality or humanity.

Sony need to do some kind of livestream where we see actual humans talking about the future of the console and not just with that same ‘we can do no wrong’ attitude they’ve had for the last few years. Like a lot of people I haven’t bought a next gen console yet and my decision of which one to get is gradually changing the more I see of both companies in action. Because that’s what you’re buying really, not just the console but a whole company’s way of thinking.

Jumping ship
Wait there, Sony has cancelled Days Gone 2? That was one of the reasons I got a PlayStation 5! It’s hard to say it, but Sony is losing it. It might not of made a massive profit it but it did still made a profit, they’re closing down developers… it’s like Sony want to take it in turns winning and losing each gen.

I hope to god they come out soon, with some top new games; at least seven or I could see myself selling my PlayStation 5. I mean, at least Xbox spent a load of money to get some exclusives. Sony had them and now it seems it’s time to get rid of them.

Last gen only
As much as I enjoyed playing through Days Gone, I’m not too sad about the sequel being cancelled. However, should Sony give the IP to a different small developer, to have a go on a smaller budget, I’d probably give it a go.

Also, if it was developed solely for the PlayStation 4 it would possibly mean a smaller budget would be possible and developed fairly quickly, as the technology is a known quantity. Sony could do a competition for the indie teams to make a decent follow-up.

Last point, if the sequel never arrives, then take the special or proper ending as canon and it ends the story.

Vaas woz right
Outriders is the latest example of an online game not working at launch, which isn’t surprising. What is surprising, to me, is that people still play it anyway and don’t just wait a few weeks till it’s fixed. What was that quote about the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

As usual the company won’t be punished in any way. The fact that it’s on Xbox Game Pass basically means they’ve got half their money already, without doing anything. Almost every day it seems there’s just more and more reasons to stay playing retro games, aka the ones that work and they can’t take away from us.

Arrogance or apathy?
It’s interesting that people in the Underbox considered I might be comparing Sony to Microsoft, when calling Sony arrogant. That wasn’t my intent.

I’m not interested in them commenting on scalpers nor changing their business model to match that of Microsoft or anyone else.

The eShop decision was unlikely to be malicious but it stinks of being ill thought through. I imagine those old platforms don’t represent much income and there will no doubt be a cost to maintaining them but still, what about preserving their catalogue? Do I now hack my PS Vita to pirate the titles I can no longer buy?

Perhaps my view of arrogance is incorrect, maybe I should have considered apathy? The very idea that if my PlayStation 4 battery gives up the ghost I can’t play games I bought, and I have no guarantee the same won’t happen with the PlayStation 5, feels like they should comment.

I don’t think it’s wrong to hold anyone to a high standard and so far I believe Sony have fallen short of even reasonable considerations.

So yes, I can feel quite certain that unless this changes, I won’t be buying into their ecosystem.

Inbox also-rans
Interesting to see the increasing average of gamers but, let’s face it, 99% of big budget new games are still going to end up appealing, and being marketed to, angry teenage boys.

IGN have a five-minute video of Resident Evil Village running on a PS4 Pro.

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Are you okay with physical copies becoming an increasingly niche concern and will you miss them when they’re completely gone? What determines whether you’ll buy a physical or digital copy if both are available, and do you ever buy limited or collector’s editions?

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