3rd night of protests over Daunte Wright killing leads to dispersal orders, arrests in Brooklyn Center

Protesters gathered in Brooklyn Center for a third night on Tuesday, calling for justice for Daunte Wright.

After people delivered speeches, a crowd remained outside Brooklyn Center’s police department and there were confrontations between protesters and law enforcement in riot gear.

People threw objects at police, who launched flashbang and gas grenades. Curfew was set for 10 p.m., but the Minnesota State Patrol gave dispersal orders before that time because some people were spraying mace and shooting fireworks at law enforcement, according to Operation Safety Net, the law enforcement consortium put in place in advance of the Derek Chauvin trial, now taking place in Minneapolis. Officers started making arrests.

As officers moved toward protestors, some gathered behind large golf umbrellas to avoid being hit with gas. The crowd thinned as the night went on.

Wright, 20, was killed by police Sunday afternoon during a traffic stop. Brooklyn Center’s police chief, who resigned Tuesday, previously said officer Kim Potter accidentally shot Wright when she intended to use a Taser on him. Potter also submitted her letter of resignation Tuesday.

One man held a sign saying: “Stop Killing My Friends.” Protestors chanted: “Whose streets? Our streets” and “Say his name. Daunte Wright.”

Residents of an apartment complex next to the protest repeatedly asked officers to stop shooting tear gas at protestors. “There’s kids in here. Hey! What about the kids?” one man shouted about children who were inside the building.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said Tuesday he didn’t intend to institute a second night of curfew across the metro, but individual counties or cities could take that step. Brooklyn Center, St. Paul, Minneapolis and other Hennepin County suburbs put curfews in place for a second night.

Instances of looting in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis on Monday night were “limited and sporadic in nature and law enforcement was able to respond quickly and quell those areas and take people into custody where they could,” according to State Patrol Col. Matt Langer, who added a few officers sustained minor injuries.

The State Patrol, Minneapolis police and Hennepin County sheriff’s deputies arrested 34 people Monday night for unlawful assembly.

In St. Paul, police arrested three people for curfew violations on Monday night, along with a 43-year-old man for attempting to kick in the door of LA Fitness on University Avenue and a 30-year-old man on suspicion of drug possession and a warrant after he was found near a tobacco store on Old Hudson Road where an alarm was going off, according to a police spokesman.

Dave Orrick contributed to this report, which includes information from the Associated Press.

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