Looking Glass: Sweetheart, there’s a work emergency, don’t wait up, says wife in Philippines

A suspicious husband, who had recently returned home to the Philippines after months of working abroad on oil rigs, suspected that his wife was cheating on him because she had become distant with him. So, when she said she needed to leave for a work emergency, he followed her taxi, and watched as it dropped her off in front of a motel where she met a younger man. Adultery is illegal in the Philippines, so when he called the cops, they came and found her hiding in the ceiling of one of the rooms.

YOU’RE REALLY BURNING OFF THE CALORIES, SIR: As a driver was being ticketed for speeding on the A2 highway near Gravesend, England, a notification from his fitness app — designed to measure the user’s speed while walking — popped up on his phone congratulating him on his highest speed yet: 120 mph.

YOU KNOW, I THOUGHT THE ROAD WAS KIND OF NARROW: A man tried to drive his car down a trail meant for snowmobiles on Wolf Creek Pass in Utah. It took emergency crews three-and-a-half hours to get him out.

YOU THINK I’M AFRAID TO SHOOT YOU? … BANG! OUCH! A man who was trying to rob another man in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago at 1:30 in the morning, accidentally shot himself in the leg.

RISE AND SHINE, PUNK! A burglar broke into the home of a policeman in Wichianburi, Thailand, but, instead of taking what he wanted and fleeing, he went into a bedroom and fell asleep. The officer woke up at 2 a.m., and found the intruder curled up in the bed, with his housebreaking tools next to him.

YOU’RE NOT JUST JEALOUS, ARE YOU, BRO? After having sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom in his mother’s house in Bradenton, Fla., a 33-year-old man got into a fight with his younger brother who complained that the two of them were “making an excessive amount of noise.” The younger man “forcefully” threw an ashtray, hitting his brother in the head, and he responded by punching his brother five times in the head.

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME? A man was in a dumpster in Santa Maria, Calif., for some reason, when a garbage truck came, hooked it up, and poured the contents — including him – into the truck’s back receptacle. The driver heard the guy yelling for help, so he called firefighters who came to the rescue.

HOW DARE YOU? A 77-year-old woman got very angry at her husband, because he had shown his friends a nude picture of his late wife. The lady, who had apparently had a few drinks, demonstrated her displeasure by throwing food at him in their home in the Village of De La Vista, Fla.

I FEEL RIGHT AT HOME: A 28-year-old woman broke into a home in Killeen, Texas, stripped naked and went to sleep on an air mattress in one of the bedrooms. She told arresting officers that she had lived at the residence 12 years ago, and felt like she had a right to be there.

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