Massachusetts woman, 72, pleads guilty to illegal buttock injections

A septuagenarian North Andover woman has pleaded guilty after the feds cracked the case of her illegal buttock injections.

Gladys Araceli Ceron, 72, who worked out of Lawrence, entered her plea Friday and faces up to three years in the can.

The buttock-injection probe began in 2016 after the feds raided a home in Florida where they found records of unsanctioned cosmetic silicone fillers — “for buttock and facial injections,” the feds say — being shipped to Ceron, according to the initial criminal complaint against her.

It’s illegal to administer silicone injections into people’s buttocks — which is done to make them less wrinkly — in the United States.

The feds called up an illegal immigrant confidential informant they’d been repeatedly working with, and she called Ceron and set up an appointment to get her buttock and facial wrinkles filled out, according to the complaint. Ceron told the woman she’d been doing this for 15 years, and that the butt shot would cost $500.

The feds hauled Ceron in, and she acknowledged to them the the substance they took from her was “probably” silicone oil, the complaint says. Tests then showed that it was the substance, which can cause stroke, death or disfigurement if injected, the feds say.

Ceron on Friday pleaded guilty to five federal counts of delivery for pay of an adulterated or misbranded medical device received in interstate commerce with the intent to defraud or mislead.

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