Gloucester paddleboarder sustains life-threatening injury

A paddleboarder cut his femoral artery on a sharp object after falling into the river at Stanwood Point in Gloucester, fire officials report.

“When first responders arrived, they found a 59-year-old man who struck his leg on a sharp object after falling from his paddleboard, hitting his femoral artery. Crews applied a tourniquet to control the bleeding and were able to safely bring him to shore,” fire officials said.

First responders added the man was brought to West Parish School to be flown by medical helicopter to a Burlington hospital to be treated for “serious, life-threatening injuries.”

The accident was reported at 4:30 p.m. on a record-setting warm day.

An injury that cuts into someone’s femoral artery can be deadly. The femoral artery is one of the major arteries in the human body. Basically, such an injury can cause quick, massive blood loss.


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