Delayed vaccines: Check status of Bay Area doses

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Extreme winter weather across the country caused COVID-19 vaccine delays, including here in the Bay Area.

Here is a breakdown of each Bay Area county with information from health departments:


As of Thursday, Feb. 18, the county had 3,000 doses delayed but no appointments needed to be canceled.

County officials say they were informed that delivery has resumed and the shipment is expected to arrive this week.

Contra Costa

The county has not needed to reschedule appointments at vaccination sites. Over the weekend, about 1,000 doses were administered.

A larger shipment of vaccines are expected around the middle of the week and there is no word if shipments will be delayed this week.


KRON4 is waiting to hear back from Marin County. Check back for updates.


The county had to reschedule between 860 and 900 second dose appointments last week after 2,000 doses of Moderna didn’t arrive due to the weather. Those doses arrived on Monday.

The appointments were originally supposed to happen on Monday and Tuesday but have been pushed back to Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26.

San Francisco

According to the COVID Command Center, there were no appointment cancellations following the temporary pause at the Moscone Center and City College vaccination sites. This is because appointments are made once the vaccine supply is confirmed.

Shipments were delayed last week due to the weather, however, the COVID Command Center expects to receive those doses, as well as this week’s doses together which will be about 12,950 doses.

Healthcare providers have been advised by the state to prioritize the second dose appointments due to the low supply.

If there are no weather delays, the Moscone Center will resume operation on Thursday, Feb. 25 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. From Friday on, the center will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily depending on vaccine supplies.

Both doses will be provided to residents and appointments for second doses will not be cancelled as they have been reserved for those who have received the first dose at the center.

The City College location is closed on Monday but second dose appointments will resume on Tuesday and Wednesday.

San Mateo

Here’s a statement from Anand Chabra, MD, section chief, COVID-19 Mass Vaccination: 

We are expecting to receive, but have not confirmed, the Moderna shipment today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday). At the moment, we believe we have enough Pfizer doses, borrowed from our local health care partners, to vaccinate approximately 800 law enforcement personnel today and to begin vaccinating up to 2,300 educators on Wednesday, in partnership with the County Office of Education. We are planning for additional clinics later this week for grocery and agricultural workers, assuming the Moderna shipment arrives. Second-dose clinics are also dependent on the arrival of the Moderna shipment. 

Santa Clara

The county was able to administer the vaccine for residents who had an existing appointment and delays did not have a significant effect on the distribution.

The Moderna vaccine has now arrived.


The county reports about 9,000 doses were delayed due to weather.

A first dose clinic has postposed vaccinations until next week, with 80 doses projected.

A second dose clinic has also been postponed. About 15 people had appointments scheduled that have been pushed until Thursday, Feb. 25.


The county had a shipment of 5,100 Moderna doses that were delayed and are expected to arrive on Monday.

Three clinics were forced to reschedule about 1,500 appointments total over the weekend due to delays.

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