Debate continues over plans to reopen California schools

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) – Still no deal yet on a school reopening plan between lawmakers and the governor.

“We need to get our schools reopened in the state of California,” Gov. Newsom said.

Governor Newsom and state lawmakers as of Friday said they’re still sorting out the details on a deal to reopen schools starting with the youngest students. 

“Our kindergartner students, our 1st- and 2nd graders first. We can do this safely, working with the legislature to support efforts at the local level, we are making progress,” Newsom said.

Democratic state lawmakers directly involved in negotiations remained tight-lipped Friday. 

“We are looking forward to hearing what the changes are and what those plans are,” Claudia Briggs said. 

The California Teacher’s Association has demanded state leaders ensure teachers and support staff are vaccinated before allowing them back onto campuses.

Some educators Friday said their concerns of returning are renewed with new potentially more infectious strains of the virus found in California. 

“We sure do hope that they are listening to the parents, to students, and to educators who are obviously extremely concerned,” Briggs said. 

Newsom has proposed billions in funding for testing, contact tracing, and personal protective equipment.

He’s also promising more transparency tools like this new interactive map launched Friday showing which schools are open and where across California.

Blues indicating some form of in-person instruction with yellow representing distance learning, it can now be found on the state’s COVID-19 website but when these maps will show more blue is still to be determined.

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