3 Republican state legislators move to impeach Tim Walz for use of executive orders

Three Republican members of the Minnesota House of Representatives on Monday introduced articles of impeachment against Gov. Tim Walz over his use of executive orders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rep. Erik Mortensen of Shakopee, who co-sponsored the impeachment resolution, accused Walz of “corrupt and criminal acts” in a news release Monday, calling the governor’s executive orders unconstitutional.

A spokesman for the governor said Walz’s executive orders have repeatedly been upheld in court when their legality has been challenged, adding that courts rather than legislators determine what is constitutional.

The resolution, which faces long odds in the Democratically controlled House, includes five articles of impeachment.

Two of these accuse Walz of failing to respect the separation of powers outlined in the state constitution by creating “new laws” with his executive orders and setting penalties for violating them.

The others charge that he has violated Minnesotans’ rights to the free exercise of religion, that he illegally seized private property by closing businesses and halting evictions, and that he harmed Minnesotans by delaying elective medical procedures.

Mortensen was joined by Reps. Steve Drazkowski of Mazeppa and Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal.

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