Minnesota Michelle Young moves on in ‘The Bachelor’

Michelle Young didn’t get quite as much screen time on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor,” as she did a week earlier, but the Minnesotan is moving on in the dating competition.

Young, who joined the show last week, stayed mostly out of the spotlight as many of the women in the house were ensnared in drama throughout the episode. Much of the drama centered around rumors spread about — and bullying directed towards — some of the newer arrivals on the show.

As one of the newer arrivals on the show, Young expressed that she was uncomfortable with some of the disrespectful things that had been going on. Young, who received a rose from Matt James, the bachelor, in the last episode, was safe during the only rose ceremony that was aired on Monday.

Later in the episode, Young was part of a group date that took place on a farm and during one teary-eyed interview, she expressed the difficulty of watching James build relationships with others.

“My feelings for Matt are incredibly strong,” Young said to the camera. “It’s hard that I went on the one-on-one date right off the bat and then to watch Matt show affection to other people, I feel like I’m putting myself in a situation to feel hurt and I just — I don’t want that.”

Near the end of the episode, during a one-on-one conversation, James reaffirmed his feelings for her. “The Bachelor,” airs on Monday nights beginning at 7 p.m. on ABC.

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