Sheriff releases body cam video in search warrant after Dolal Idd shooting

Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson released body camera video Saturday of deputies executing the “knock and announce” search warrant in connection with Dolal Idd, 23, who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police Dec. 30.

Police have already released body camera video of the shooting.

The shooting happened about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday at a Holiday gas station at East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue South, about a mile from where George Floyd died in police custody on May 25. Police said Idd of Eden Prairie was a suspect in a felony and that eyewitnesses said he had fired first.

Deputies assisted the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in executing the Dec. 31 warrant.

The sheriff called the visit “high-risk” and said he released the video to the public to “clarify what occurred during the execution of the search warrant after allegations that deputies acted “inappropriately, inhumanely, and with excessive force.”

“Sheriff Hutchinson says the body-worn camera video tells a different story. Based on his viewing of the video, the Sheriff praised his Deputies for their professionalism and says they acted appropriately, respectfully, and followed HCSO procedure for high-risk warrants,” according to a statement released by the sheriff’s office Saturday night.

Hutchinson said the deputies used SWAT members after information “indicated there was probable cause to believe guns were in the home.”


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