Letters to the editor

Cutting the line

In the 12/31/20 article by Rick Sobey and Erin Tiernan, (“Taking — instead of serving”) they write about the politicians who cut the line to get the vaccine. It reminded me of Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the French Revolution, who commented about the starving masses, “Let them eat cake.” The ruling class back then is the same as the ruling class of today when it comes to getting the coronavirus vaccine. We wait in line for the vaccine while Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren, Katherine Clark, Ayanna Pressley and others jump the vaccine line. Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and Mitch McConnell also separated themselves from the unwashed masses. We are living with a ruling class which enjoy benefits of Cadillac health care and perks on top of huge salaries while we grovel for $600 checks.

— Don Houghton,


Targeting Trump

What in the world will Boston Herald commentator Jeff Robbins do when President Trump leaves office next month ( “For America’s sake, Trump should be investigated,” Dec. 30)? His endless diatribes against President Trump border on maliciousness and only show how viral still is the Trump Derangement Disorder.

These past four years have shown how slimy is the swamp in Washington, D.C., where, since Day 1, the ruling elites set out to get him over and over again. At times I wondered how strong Trump must be to withstand the constant attacks made against him by the Fake Media. President Trump has been far from perfect. He has made mistakes but he does love this country and what it stands for. His critics continue to beat down on him but I believe history will judge him, flaws and all. as a good president who did great things for ordinary working Americans. He stood up to Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Corporations. He tried to stop our never-ending wars. He fought the good fight.

To those who see the passing of Trump as a return to normal, they see a mirage. Over 74 million American voters voted to re-elect him because they believed in him and his vision for America. These voters are now engaged in the political system and are here to stay.

Perhaps Jeff Robbins should be more concerned about how America moves forward from the debacle that was this year’s presidential campaign. How do we unite a nation that seems so hopelessly divided? There’s something important to write about.

— Sal Giarratani,


Age changes
You’re 16 years old and live in Massachusetts. You cannot enter a contract legally. You cannot buy alcohol. You cannot leave school without a note from your parents. You cannot vote. You cannot join the military. You cannot get a credit card. You cannot be questioned by the police without a parent present. You cannot run for political office (most offices). You cannot be treated by a physician unless a parent signs off. The list goes on.

But in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you can have an abortion without telling your parents. What is wrong with the people on Beacon Hill?

— Brian Howland,


A message for 2021

If we never forget the countless ways we helped one another throughout the horrific daily nightmares of 2020, and we carry that sentiment into 2021, we will lovingly create a New Year that we will want to remember.

— Lynda McNally,



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