Scotland becomes 1st country to make pads, tampons free

SCOTLAND (KRON) – A bill has been passed unanimously in Scotland making tampons and pads free for all who need them.

This makes Scotland the first country to do this.

Under this new bill, the government will provide free products, order organizations to do the same, and will be available in school, college, and university bathrooms for free.

Monica Lennon introduced the bill back in April 2019.

According to a survey, about three in 10 women ages 14 to 21 in the U.K. have struggled to afford these products during the pandemic.

The survey also shows one in five women had a difficult time finding them in stores or were unable to leave the house due to the lockdown.

Forbes reports that period products were made free in schools last year but was not very impactful as schools closed.

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