Trump campaign rejects Georgia results, threatens legal action

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — The Trump campaign is continuing to demand that the state of Georgia conducts an honest recount of the presidential race.

This after a top Georgia elections official said a hand tally of the presidential race in Georgia was complete, and the results affirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s lead over Republican President Donald Trump.

The hand recount of nearly 5 million votes stemmed from an audit required by a new state law and wasn’t in response to any suspected problems with the state’s results or an official recount request.

But the Trump campaign isn’t convinced.

It claims the media is falsely reporting the victor of the state of Georgia.

“Headlines are already falsely reporting that Joe Biden is declared the winner in Georgia. Sorry, media, that’s not hot it works. The State of Georgia has not certified its results, and it should not,” the statement read, in part. “This so-called hand recount went exactly as we expected because Georgia simply recounted all of the illegal ballots that had been included in the total. We continue to demand that Georgia conduct an honest recount, which includes signature matching. We intent to pursue all legal options to ensure that only legal ballots are counted.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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